Carla Guagliardi

possível imagem


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Untitled, 1990

Installation ( Possível Imagem)
Tubes of polyethylene, bars of iron, water and time
Dimension of each piece: 0,04m x 2,20m
152 pieces

The installation occupies 2 walls facing each other.

76 pieces stand in sequence and in vertical position while the other 76 stand on the opposite side of the room, facing the others but now in an inclined position . This configuration unbalances our spatial perception, emphasized by the constant rusting process that occurs in each tube in a “temporal” movement. The rust powder is in a permanent and slow motion fall movement inside each tube depositing differently in each one. If in the beginning the pieces are similar, after some time the process of rusting will more and more differentiate them.

It was during the process of doing this piece that I first understood which questions I was mainly dealing with in my work. This consciousness strangely brought me more questions or rather the feeling that they will never end.