Carla Guagliardi

Memória líquida


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Memória Líquida ( Liquid Memory), 1996

Wall of bricks (h:230 cm), different recipients of glass (36 pieces),water, strings of cotton, vases with plants (44 pieces)

A semi-circle wall divides and isolates a big part of the gallery (see drawing). Recipients of glass with water are fixed through the wall with their mouth turned to the other side.

On the other side of the wall, there are 44 vases with plants (which are not directly visible to the public). Very small cracks between the bricks offer us partial visions of the other side. From each recipient of glass with water comes one or more string of cotton that brings water to the plants through capillarity. Unable to see the whole, the spectator completes his or her vision through the mechanism of the memory.