Carla Guagliardi



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Untitled / Fifi, 1991 / 1997

Tubes of polyethylene, water, bars of iron and time.
Total dimension: 9,00 m x 1,40 m.

Following the previous work, this one conceives an intermediate space
(filled just with water) where there would be a kind of temporal vacuum or temporal suspension that eventually is ruptured by the unavoidable action of time.

The Last Day

During this exhibition, questions related to the work such as time, memory, fragility, unavoidability, as well as more subjective concerns, were touching me especially deep. I was coming everyday to "visit" the work, always with a big expectation about what had happened, how it had changed while I was not there.

... then, finally the last day of the show came, when I would have to undo it.... it was not easy for me, since I felt very attached to and/or identified with it. It was a sunny Saturday morning... I was driving to the gallery through an old part of Rio de Janeiro, up on the hills. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, I saw a recently born goat, with its umbilical cord still on.... I stopped, and for a moment I couldn't understand such a situation.... then I heard and saw its mother standing at a higher terrain, claiming for it. I took the baby goat in my arms, brought it back to her and stepped back to watch them ... she started to lick it and, while doing this, she turned her back to me: still hanging from her body, I saw the amniotic bag half full of water ... my eyes were also full of water ... I understood something...